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Released: “Teaching Data and Computational Journalism”

teaching_data_cover copy

Cheryl Phillips and I just published a report called “Teaching Data and Computational Journalism.” It covers a lot of ground. We surveyed the course offerings of accredited journalism schools in the U.S. to see where and how data and computational skills were being taught. The results were pretty grim: roughly half teach no data skills at all, and half of the schools that do teach data are only teaching at the most basic level. We hope that this snapshot establishes the importance of taking data and computational instruction and research more seriously. To that end, we also offer a set of model curricula and institutional recommendations to help schools move forward.

The report is available online through GitBooks:

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Reverse OCR

This reverse OCR engine is delightful. It draws and morphs random lines until they are recognized by an optical character recognition program. The resulting oddities provide a powerful reminder that the alphabet — like so many symbols — could have taken shape quite differently. And when we force the poor computer to make sense of our arbitrary scribbling, the rules it develops and the inferences it draws will inevitably reflect this alien semiotic divide. Bravo.

This registered as the word “unicorn”:












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True Detective and Linux



Clearly they’ve missed a clue. The recurring symbol in this twisted, enigmatic case is none other than the Debian logo.

Quick fix:
grep -lir ‘carcosa’ | xargs rm -rf
userdel -f kinginyellow


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